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Buzzglobe travel  is an Outdoors Adventure Company with a mission. The mission of making destinations, not often found on regular maps, accessible to people who love discovering them. 

Buzzglobe travel enables Outdoors Enthusiasts to savour some of the Best Outdoors Travel Experiences in India –  valleys, craggy mountains, high altitude cold deserts, winding rivers, dense forests – a smorgasbord of sensory experiences that one can only find in the outdoors.

Our network of Outdoors Lodges & Camps in the Himalayas enables us to support our Outdoors Trips and Activities like white water rafting, trekking, Climbing, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Slithering, Jeep Safaris and Camping among others. These camps have over the years seen people from all walks of life and ages. The camps also provide direct and indirect occupation to local people. We have a wonderful team of highly experienced and motivated professionals.

Buzzglobe travel caters to wide range of clients apart from the hardcore outdoor enthusiast – Corporates, Schools, Families and the Compulsive Lone Traveller. Intimate knowledge of the terrain as well as a keen desire to understand the needs of our clients

1. Buzzglobe travel is one of the fastest growing Outdoors and Adventure companies in India.

2. State-of-the-art equipment for all adventure activities.

3. Buzzglobe travel has a team over a hundred highly experienced and motivated Outdoor Specialists.

4. people have been through the Buzzglobe travel experience over the years from schools kids to corporate groups to adventure seekers and mountain lovers.

5. With nature friendly practices and community development integrated into its operations, Buzzglobe travel also aims to be become a model outdoor company of the future.

6. With full service capabilities, negligible outsourcing and very high safety standard, & an enviable team of outdoor specialists, Buzzglobe travel has established itself as a trusted and high quality tour operator & outdoor partner.




Born in the Himalayas in 2015 ensuring enhanced familiarity and knowledge of the Buzzglobe travel and high safety standards.  Our familiarity and knowledge of the Buzzglobe travel ensures smooth running of all our trips.


different Outdoors Trips with Guaranteed Departures (trekking, bike ridding, rafting, cycling & more), all self operated.



Due to a big in-house team of instructors and our own high quality equipment we are able to sell our trips at very attractive prices. Apart from having a very competitive price matrix our pricing is in INR and does not change for anyone, anywhere in the world except where it involves charges by the government. 

Buzzglobe travel has a policy of transparency with regards to its pricing and prices are clearly mentioned with inclusions/exclusions. There are no hidden costs


Respect for mountains and a genuine love for anything adventurous is the common thread binding us. Being from the mountains we realise the dangers of high impact tourism on our ecology and try to run our trips in the most eco friendly manner


We have broadly broken down our commitments as below:

    Economic Responsibility – We realize that every destination is someone else’s home & we respect the local way of life. Also we ensure that communities benefit from our visit. We hire local staff and also buy locally, which contribute directly to local economy. In addition to employment we impart training which enhances opportunities for people. Buzzglobe travel  about 90% people from various remote areas of the Himalayas.

    Environmental Responsibility – We leave places as we would like to find them by making a strong environmental commitment. To minimize impact we work to protect and preserve the wildlife, prohibit open fires and also leave no trash behind. Idea being, the beauty of our outdoors can be passed on to generations to come.

    Guest Responsibility – Last but not the least we feel committed to give our guests a Safe and memorable experience. We have pledged to run small groups only with safety in mind and in our endeavor to give everyone a meaningful experience. We strongly feel crowding jeopardizes safety and reduces value for our guests. This pledge requires us to take a strong monetary hit, which we do, happily.

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